Cancellation Policy

Regardless of when your booking was placed, if for any reason you cancel your reservation your deposit is 100% REFUNDABLE, within 48 hours prior the event. If you cancel your party less then 48 hours, your reservation fee is non refundable

All cancellations not made 8 hours prior to the date the event is scheduled will be liable for the full price stated in the confirmation e-mail or may be subject to a restocking and/or delivery fees as applicable. All unpaid balances will be referred to a debt collection agency.

Rain Cancellation Policy

In the event of rain, a customer can cancel without any charge the day of the event prior to artist/ performer arrival. However, if the artist/ performer arrived, there will be NO REFUND.

Emergency Situations:

Artist/ Performer emergencies: If one of our artists/ performers is in a life threatening emergency, our policy is to send in a replacement artist/ performer ASAP. Note that each artist/ performer has unique skill sets and talents, so some activities may differ slightly in the event of such an emergency. If we are unable to send in a replacement artist/ perfomer, we will offer a refund. These circumstances are very rare.